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Pedestrian Crossing Project Moving Forward at BART

Post Date:02/02/2017 1:33 PM

City engineers are celebrating a milestone in their efforts to continue the construction of a pedestrian crossing on the east side of the BART station.  Union Pacific Railroad Company recently approved the conceptual drawings that illustrate the new pathway, which will allow commuters and residents to access BART from the Station District and/or the east side of the BART station.

The construction of the new pedestrian crossing is part of an almost twenty year effort by the City to create and expand the mixed-use, transit community, otherwise known as, the Station District.

In anticipation of the new pedestrian crossing, BART and City crews worked to install a new east entry into BART with new fare machines and fare gates.

Currently, BART commuters from the east side of the Station have to cross the railroad at Decoto Road and walk around to the west side of the entrance for access to BART. When the new pedestrian crossing is in place, people who have to access BART from the east side will enjoy a much shorter and easier walk.  

To complete the crossing, city engineers will be closing the existing railroad crossing at I Street, as well as making several safety improvements at the Decoto Road railroad crossing.

Last step? City engineers are awaiting approval from the California Public Utilities Commission for the new crossing and hopes construction will begin within a year. 

Future Pedestrian At-Grade Crossing Rendering

Image Of New Fare Gates At East Entry