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City Council proclaimed its continued support of the Paris Agreement

Post Date:06/15/2017 12:48 PM

This week, City Council proclaimed its continued support of the Paris Agreement, detailing Union City's own climate goals and policies. Previously, Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci joined with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy to express the city's support for the United States to remain in the Paris Agreement as a global leader. With the recent withdrawal of the country from the agreement, the Council reiterated its support for clean climate policies in the full proclamation below. 


Proclaiming the City’s Support of the Paris Agreement


WHEREAS, climate change is a global issue recognized by science, government, business, and academic leaders worldwide; and

WHEREAS, the City of Union City believes it is a priority to protect our residents from the potentially catastrophic impacts of a changing climate, including rising sea levels, contaminated water and air, dangerous increases in temperature, and other extreme weather patterns; and

WHEREAS, a commitment to a healthy environment and clean energy creates strong economic benefits and innovation, providing over 100,000 solar jobs and 500,000 clean-energy jobs in California alone; and

WHEREAS, Union City has a responsibility to current and future residents to ensure our city and world are not only maintained but improved for future generations; and

WHEREAS, our residents look to the City as a resource for cost-effective, clean-air and clean-energy solutions; and

WHEREAS, Union City first developed a Climate Action Plan in 2010, after five years of research on environmental sustainability in Union City, and has updated the Climate Action Plan every year since in order to effectively address changing needs; and

WHEREAS, Union City has existing laws banning plastic bags from retailers and foam food containers from restaurants in city limits to reduce the far-reaching negative effects of plastic and Styrofoam; and

WHEREAS, 195 countries, including the United States, committed to address climate change in the Paris Agreement in December 2015; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor represented the City of Union City at the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy in November 2016 reaffirming a strong United States commitment to the Paris Agreement at the local level.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Union City hereby affirms its commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, and makes the following declarations of endorsement and commitment to:

  • The principles of the Paris Agreement.
  • The City’s Climate Action Plan and our targets of Greenhouse Gas reduction (20%) and waste diversion (90%) by 2020.
  • The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, including the reduction of Greenhouse Gases 20% below 2005 levels in the City by 2020.
  • Clean energy resources, including wind and solar.
  • Pedestrian-friendly, walkable infrastructure that increases pedestrian safety, reduces demand on Greenhouse Gas-creating vehicles, and increases quality of life.
  • Measuring the impacts of our Climate Action Plan, working continuously toward our climate and energy goals, and publicly reporting on progress made on a regular basis.
  • Equipping its employees to reduce waste and meet Climate Action Plan goals by encouraging them to receive certifications in relevant fields, using electric and/or hybrid vehicles, and practicing sound energy conservation practices to reduce energy consumption.  And be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, that all City departments, partner agencies and organizations under City jurisdiction shall be encouraged to work cooperatively to ensure the success of the missions outlined above.

Download and view the official proclamation

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