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Union City and Airbnb Partner on Tax Deal

Post Date:08/04/2017 7:59 AM

Effective of August 1st, Airbnb Has Started Collecting and Remitting Taxes in Union City

 Union City, CA -- Airbnb started collecting and remitting the 12.87 percent Transient Occupancy Tax (T.O.T.) in Union City this week. Beginning on August 1st, Airbnb guests who stay in Union City will be charged the hotel tax as part of their booking, and Airbnb will then remit the taxes collected to the city.

“This tax partnership makes it easier for hosts to pay their fair share. The majority of Airbnb hosts are middle class people who depend on homesharing to make ends meet. We are excited to announce this new agreement with Union City and thank city officials for their leadership on this issue,” said Marisa Moret, Airbnb Public Policy Manager.

“This agreement really levels the playing field among short-term rentals in our city, and helps keep the opportunities fair for small and large operators,” said Tony Acosta, City Manager of Union City. “We appreciate Airbnb’s cooperation throughout this process.”

Many Airbnb hosts rely on the extra income they earn to pay the bills, cover their mortgage, or save for retirement. There are nearly 70 Airbnb hosts in Union City and the typical host earns over $9,000 per year. The majority of hosts in Union City are women (57%), and homesharers (74%) who rent out a private bedroom in their home.



Jasmine Mora, Airbnb


Lauren Burch, City of Union City


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