City Records

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The record library is an online repository of thousands of city records.  The City of Union City currently uses Laserfische as its record library.    

You can search the records repository by entering a key term in the search box at the top of the page. Otherwise, you can browse for records through the “Public Documents” folder. City Council records can be found in the “City Clerk” folder. Other boards and commissions records can be found in the “Boards & Commissions” folder. Departmental records can be found in the corresponding departmental folders.

While there are numerous types of documents available to search, here is a list of the most commonly recalled items currently in the record repository:

  • Agenda packets and meeting materials of the City Council, the former Redevelopment Agency and various City boards and commissions governed by the Ralph M. Brown Act.  
  • Resolutions passed by the City Council, the former Redevelopment Agency, the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency, the Oversight Board, the Planning Commission and the Public Financing Authority 1959- present. 
  • Ordinances passed by the City Council 1959-present.
  • Minutes of the City Council and various City boards, committees, commissions governed by the Ralph M. Brown Act.  City Council minutes are completed from 1959-present.
  • Financial reports are available in the records repository, but may be more easily accessible by visiting the Financial Reports page directly.

If you are unable to locate the record(s) you are looking for, you may submit a Public Records Act Request.

Union City’s Record Library

Catalog of Enterprise Systems (Pursuant to SB 272 and CA Government Code 6270.5)

Catalog of Enterprise Systems (Click Here)

An "enterprise system" is a software application or computer system that collects, stores, exchanges and analyzes information that the agency uses that is both of the following:
• A multi-departmental system or a system that contains information collected about the public.
• A system that serves as an original source of data within an agency.

SB 272 Requires that the City:

1. Create a catalog of enterprise systems, containing:
• Current system vendor
• Current system product
• System’s purpose
• A description of categories or types of data
• The department that is the prime custodian of the data
• The frequency that system data is collected
• The frequency that system data is updated
2. To make the catalog publicly available upon request
3. To post the catalog in a prominent location on the agency’s website.
If the public interest served by not disclosing the information described clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure, the local agency may instead provide a system name, brief title or identifier of the system.

We are happy to assist you. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office by phone at (510)675-5348 or by email.