Retail Centers

Old Alvarado District

The historic Old Alvarado downtown sits on the west side of Union City on Smith Street and Union City Blvd. and has array of small commercial business, retail shops, eatery’s and locally grown famous Paddy’s Café. The Caesar Chavez Park with its beautiful gazebo and landscaping just adjacent to Paddy’s Cafe creates an inviting, pedestrian-oriented commercial area.

Also along, Smith Street and Watkins Avenue are historical Victorian homes, a small town post office, the Union City Historical Museum, the Union City Chamber of Commerce, and small restaurants to name just a few mixed types of uses. The Loyola Commercial Building takes center stage with its new renovation to keep the quality of the downtown feel and has deep roots in the local community.

Old Alvarado merchants regularly produce events such as the Fall Festival, Friday night Jazz bands, Art shows, and the Farmers Market every weekend all year round.




Why Union City?

Centrally located.

Transportation hub.

Educated workforce.

Progressive policies.

Green initiative programs.















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Retail Centers

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