Park and Recreation Commission

Regular Meetings
Second Wednesday of every month @ 7:00 pm


City Hall
34009 Alvarado-Niles Road
Union City, California 94587

Commission Members  

Caroline Abellar - Chairperson
Steven Nichols - Vice Chair
David Acosta – Commissioner
William Boylan - Commissioner
Daniel Rivera - Commissioner
Glenn Nate - Commissioner
Ian Palavi - Commissioner
Vincent Decierdo – Alternate
Bert Padua - Alternate


Secretary: Johanna Ota (510) 675-5802

It is the purpose of the City Council to create in the City a City Park and Recreation Commission to consider the recreation needs of the City in order that they may make recommendations concerning recreation needs to the City Council. The Park and Recreation Commission shall consider recreation programs which meet not only the physical needs of residents of the City through sports programs and other means, but shall consider the intellectual needs of residents of the City which are proper to the use of increased leisure time. It is the purpose of the City Council by the creation of this Park and Recreation Commission to create a recreation program which will promote physical fitness and stimulate interest in the fine arts, namely: literature, music, dance, drama, painting and sculpture.

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