Union City Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

Recently, the Union City Police Department embarked on a new innovative program to address crime issues on rental properties. The Union City Crime Free Program was started to deal with criminal and civil law issues that apartment owners and managers are being faced with. The Union City Crime Free Program was designed to open channels of communication between property owners/managers and the Union City Police Department, thus forging an alliance.

Let me explain to you how this completely voluntary and free program works. The program is designed to be a partnership- between the police department and property owners. All that is required is that the property owner attend an 8-hour seminar with their respective managers to be instructed on how the program works, current legal issues of property ownership and management, and how the program will benefit them and their tenants.

Once the program is in place on your property, prospective renters will view this program as a sign of reassurance and confidence that the property owner has pride in their property and is concerned about the quality of life of the tenants.

You will also be eligible to receive information from the police department about incidents occurring on your property. In closing, if you would like to be a member of the Crime Free Housing Program or have questions about the program, please feel free to call Officer Bruce Vance at (510) 471-1365 Ext. 284



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