Parking Citations

How to Pay a Parking Ticket

If you receive a parking citation in Union City and are ready to pay the ticket, there are several payment options:

  1. Pay Online
  2. Pay in Person (Cash or Check ONLY)
  3. Pay by Telephone
  4. Pay by Mail (Envelope is NOT Provided)
How to Appeal a Ticket
  There are three levels of parking citation appeals. Each step in the appeal process must be taken in order and initiated within strict timeframes. No step can be skipped in favor of jumping to another step. Denial of an appeal at one level may not indicate that further appeal might not be successful.
Parking Regulations
  The Union City Parking Enforcement Unit is responsible for enforcement of parking laws, regulations, and restrictions have been violated.  The rules that govern parking are defined by both the State of California Vehicle Code and the Union City Municipal Code.
Towed Vehicles
  If your vehicle is towed, please contact the Union City Police Department at (510) 471-1365.
Citation FAQ
  We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about parking citations.

Station District Parking

For information about parking near the
Union City BART station, please click on






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