It is unlawful for any person to throw, discard, place or deposit litter in any manner or any amount on any public or private property within the City, except in containers or in lawfully established dumping grounds.
Section 7.04.330 Union City Municipal Code

Littering is a habit and occurs when people deliberately or carelessly dispose of solid waste improperly.  Litter is caused by people.  While there is a natural reaction to blame the industries whose products are most often littered, people are responsible for the proper handling and disposal of these products.  Disposing of all waste properly, recycling everything you can and reducing the amount of waste you create helps. Litter drives down property values, and is a deterrent to new business. There is strong evidence that uncollected trash and other types of physical disorder like graffiti and abandoned vehicles make people feel unsafe and attracts crime.   

Why do people litter?

Keep America Beautiful has gathered information from numerous studies and reports about littering behavior.  These are the primary reasons people litter:

  • People who litter have no sense of ownership of the community - they don't care.
  • People who litter think it is someone's job to pick up after them - even though litter cleanup has real costs in tax dollars, volunteer time, decreased property value and negative attitudes about littered communities.
  • People litter where other litter is already present - the presence of litter in a community sends the message that litter is tolerated here.  This is why we pick up litter.


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