Tire Recycling

California generates more than 40 million scrap tires every year. While nearly 75 percent of used tires are recycled, the rest still end up in landfills or illegal stockpiles. If not managed properly, scrap tires are a potential threat to both California's environment and public health and safety. Illegally stockpiled tires also pose a fire risk and are attractive habitats for rodents and insects.

Through the department's Green Roads program CalRecycle is reducing the amount of tires disposed in California's landfills. The “Green Roads” program promotes the use of shredded or ground scrap tires in paving and construction projects, keeping old tires out of landfills and away from fields and alleyways. These recycled tires can be used as inexpensive backfill behind retaining walls, or as an asphalt additive with many benefits such as durability, and noise reduction.  Using recycled tires to build greener roads is not only good for the environment; it’s good for the bottom line.  

To learn more, visit the CalRecycle Green Roads Website.



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