Information About Measure QQ

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Measure QQ - Local Public Safety Services Measure

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Measure QQ?

A: On July 26th, the Union City City Council unanimously placed Measure QQ on the November 2016 ballot. Measure QQ is a local measure that, if enacted, will extend existing, voter-approved local funding to maintain public safety services – without raising tax rates. 


Q: Why was Measure QQ placed on the ballot?

A: Measure QQ was placed on the November ballot after months of gathering community feedback, including 18 community-based meetings and receiving over 1,000 responses from residents about their public safety priorities. Measure QQ will maintain and prevent cuts to vital public safety services without raising tax rates, including: 

  • 911 dispatch and paramedic services
  • Emergency response times and neighborhood police patrols
  • Youth violence prevention and gang intervention programs
  • Keeping all of Union City’s fire stations open full time and maintain fire protection services
  • Maintaining safety at our public schools 


Q: How does Measure QQ impact local public safety services? 

A: If enacted, Measure QQ will continue to ensure rapid response times for fire and emergency services, will maintain police patrols that keep our neighborhoods safe, and will maintain youth violence prevention and gang intervention programs. Thanks to community support and UCPD outreach, incidents of youth violence have decreased by 30 % between 2012 and 2015*. If existing, voter-approved funding is not renewed, the City will have to consider public safety cuts, including to 911 emergency response, community and neighborhood policing, youth and family services, gang intervention programs and partially close fire stations throughout the city.


Q: How can we be sure that Measure QQ will be spent properly on local public safety services?

A: In the tradition of the City’s fiscal responsibility, Measure QQ continues to require strict accountability including independent financial audits and yearly reports to the community to ensure all funds are spent as promised. 


Q: When is the election? 

A: Measure QQ is on the November 8 ballot. For more election and online voter registration information, visit the Alameda County Registrar of Voters at


Q: Where can I get more information about Measure QQ?

For more Measure QQ information, visit or download and view the informational presentation. If you have specific questions, or would like to request a more in-depth presentation for a community organization, contact Lauren Sugayan by phone at (510) 675-5400 or by email at


*Year-end data for 2016 will become available in 2017.