Property Information

Our mapping and data website, CommunityView™, provides information on properties, city services, and local features. Enter a street address or an Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) in the search window to locate a particular property and see the following types of information:
  • Aerial Color Photography
  • Bike and Trail Facilities
  • City Boundary
  • Parcel Information
  • Parks
  • Road Map
  • Schools

Search Instructions

  1. Enter the property address (including number) in the space next to "Street/Address:" (ex. 34009 Alvarado-Niles Road)
  2. Zoom to a scale where parcel lines are visible.
  3. Place cursor inside of the parcel and left click.
  4. A "Bubble" will appear with the property address and APN, as well as several links/commands including "Driving Directions," "Photo," "Summary," "Details," and "Clear Selection."


  • Incremental Zoom: Left mouse clicking the "+" or "-" sign
  • Dynamic Zoom: If you have a mouse with a wheel, you can move the wheel forward or backward to quickly zoom in or out
  • Zoom to Rectangle: Press and hold the Ctrl key as you draw a selected area to zoom in


If you cannot access the GIS system and need information about a property, contact Union City at 510-675-5319 or visit City Hall, located at 34009 Alvarado-Niles Road. For department-specific information, use the following phone numbers:
Department Phone Number
Community and Recreation Services
Economic and Community Development
Fire 510-675-5470
Police 510-471-1365
Public Works

Technical Requirements

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Internet Connection - minimum DSL
RAM - minimum 512 MB

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Internet Explorer versions 7,8, 9
Google Chrome and Firefox

Supported MAC Web Browsers


Terms of Use

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