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Public Hearing: March 9, 2021 City Council Meeting at 7p



Union City Transit is recommending that all transit riders get their reusable Clipper card for contactless payment on multiple transit agencies.

Fare Collection & Enforcement

Union City Transit

Union City Transit will resume fare collection and enforcement on Sunday, November 1, 2020. 

Union City Transit is recommending that all transit riders get their reusable Clipper card for contactless payment on multiple transit agencies.

All cards have discounts and transfers loaded, so no paper transfers are required. Cards can have value added to them online, at the BART station, and at participating retailers until City Hall reopens for Clipper card services. It is recommended to setup autoload onto your card for convenience.

If you would prefer to talk to a person, all Clipper card services will be handled directly through the Clipper Customer Service Center by calling 877.878.8883.

Union City Paratransit

Paratransit ticket book sales have been suspended at City Hall until it reopens for transit related sales, order ticket books via PayPal or buy in person at the Safeway on Alvarado-Niles and Decoto.

Union City Paratransit recommends getting ticket books to avoid using cash.


Union City Transit

Union City Transit continues to operate a special COVID-19 schedule through March 21, 2021. Routes 7 and 9 continue to be suspended during this time; use Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 along with AC Transit Lines 41, 56, and 97 to reach your destination.

Please see signage on vehicles, at BART, and Union Landing Transit Center for schedule and routing updates to Routes 2, 3, and 8.

Union City Paratransit

Union City Paratransit is operating regular hours, but has suspending all Paratransit Plus service into Fremont, Hayward, and Newark. Union City Paratransit does still require certification and a reservation. 

Paratransit Plus service will continue to be suspended after the resumption of fare collection and enforcement on Sunday, November 1, 2020.

Rider Etiquette

Face Coverings are required at all times on Union City Transit vehicles. Rear door boarding and exiting is in effect unless otherwise directed by driver; front door boarding will resume Sunday, November 1, 2020. 

Face Coverings are required at all times on Union City Paratransit vehicles; if a client cannot wear a face covering, please coordinate with the reservations for an accommodation.

RIDER SURVEY: Please take this short survey to help us understand how the COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting you, your experience on Union City Transit or Union City Paratransit, and what we can do to improve your experience.
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Union City Transit is the local, city-run bus system that serves our community. For rider convenience, we coordinate routes with BART train arrivals and departures at the Union City BART Station. Union City Transit also provides connections with AC Transit and the Dumbarton Express for unified access to other transportation options across the Bay Area. Services are partially funded by the Measure B & BB sales tax of Alameda County.

Union City Transit's main transfer points are located at the Union City BART Station and the Union Landing Transit Center.

For Union City Transit questions and general information please call 510.471.1411.

For Clipper Card sales outlets, visit www.clippercard.com.

Trip Planner

Visit 511.org to plan your trip in Union City or throughout the Bay Area.

Routes & Schedule Additional Information

Union City Transit combines some routes at the Union Landing Transit Center to provide a one-seat, round-trip ride for customers to get from Union City BART to Union Landing and back again. Please see the guide below:

When buses arrive at Union Landing:

  • Route 3 becomes Route 4
  • Route 4 becomes Route 3

Fare Information

If viewing on a mobile device, click each product to see pricing (fares & transfers or 31-Day Pass).

  1. Fares & Transfers
  2. 31-Day Pass (Clipper Only)
  3. Monthly Pass (Discontinued)
Adult (age 19-64) $2.00
Youth (age 6-18) $1.25
Senior (age 65+) $1.00
Certified disabilities $1.00
Child (age 0-5 with adult) Free
Union City Transit Transfer Free
BART-to-Bus $0.50
AC Transit & DB Express Transfers $0.25

Union City Transit accepts:

  • Clipper Card
  • Cash (exact change required)
  • Union City Transit 31-Day Passes (Clipper Card Only)
  • BART-to-Bus Transfers (at Union City BART Station Only)
  • AC Transit/Dumbarton Express Transfers (at shared stops)

Things to note:

  • Union City Transit transfers are issued only at time fare is paid. ‬Clipper Card automatically issues a transfer on the card, ‬no ‬paper transfer will be issued. ‬Union City Transit transfers are valid for one transfer within 90‭ ‬minutes of issue. ‬All transfers ‬and passes must be valid.‬
  • Certified Disabilities can be verified with the following: Regional Transit Connection Discount Card, Medicare identification card, California Department of Motor Vehicles disability ID card, or Disability identification card from another transit operator.
  • Clipper Card riders, please make sure you have enough Clipper Cash or a valid Union City Transit 31-day pass loaded on your card. Clipper keeps track of your rides and automatically grants you appropriate transfer discounts when transferring to another agency that accepts Clipper. For more information on how to use or purchase Clipper, please visit the Clipper website or call Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.8883.

Wheelchair Accessibility

All Union City Transit buses are wheelchair accessible. It is recommended that wheelchairs have a working brake system.

As a courtesy to riders with mobility limitations, please yield the designated priority seating at the front of each bus to seniors and persons with disabilities.


Union City also provides Paratransit transportation services required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Union City Paratransit offers ADA service within the city limits of Union City. Services are partially funded by the Measure B & BB sales tax of Alameda County.

Union City Paratransit also offers an additional service known as Paratransit Plus. Paratransit Plus offers limited service to southern Hayward, and northern Fremont and Newark. 

Learn more about Paratransit


Union City Transit & Paratransit services are funded by a combination of passenger fares and support from federal, state, and local sources including:

Alameda County Transportation Commission (Measure B & BB Tax Dollars)

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Federal Transit Administration (FTA)


Bay Area Air Quality Management District 


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