As a dog owner in Union City, you must license your dog when it is four months or older. You must renew this license annually.

Rabies Vaccination

Your dog will need a current rabies vaccination before getting licensed. If your dog is due for a rabies vaccination, please have your dog receive the vaccine and then provide a copy of the new vaccination record with your dog license application.

You may request a dog license for one, two, or three years based on the vaccination expiration date. If your dog is unable to be vaccinated due to serious medical conditions, please complete the Alameda County Rabies Exemption Request (PDF) and then provide a copy with your dog license application.

Certificate of Sterility

If your dog is spayed or neutered, you should indicate so on the rabies vaccination record. If not, you are required to provide a copy of the "Certificate of Sterility" with your dog license application.


You may apply for a Union City Animal License by one of the following methods:

For more information, please call 510.675.5312.

Dog License Fees

Type / Term
1 Year
2 Year
3 Year
Unsterilized $29 $39 $46
Unsterilized with late penalty*
$43 $52 $59
Sterilized $14 $20 $23
Sterilized with late penalty*
$27 $33 $37

* Penalty rates apply if a dog license renewal is not paid within 30 days of due date.

Please note:

  • Senior Citizen (60+) Pet License Discount: 10% discount
  • Change of owner, change of address, or lost tag: $11

Animal License Cancellation Policy

If you no longer own your dog, your dog has moved out of the City, or your dog is no longer living, it is your responsibility to contact us at the phone number, e-mail address, or mailing address listed below:

City of Union City

Animal License Department
34009 Alvarado-Niles Road
Union City, CA 94587
Phone: 510.675.5312