Park & Facility Reservation

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Union City residents and visitors love our parks and active, open space. If you are looking for an outdoor space to have a picnic or party, we have a wide range of options for you. In addition to the many parks throughout Union City, we maintain and manage 20 different sports fields permitted for public use. Learn more about reserving sports fields here.

Reserving Outdoor Space

Residents can reserve public parks for picnics up to three calendar months in advance, and nonresidents can reserve parks up to two calendar months in advance. You must make your reservation at the Kennedy Youth Center in person at least 10 working days before your scheduled event (two-week notice).

Reservation fees vary on the capacity of the picnic site. You must make your payment in full on the day you make your reservation. All site fees are doubled for all nonresidents and on holidays. If you pay with a check, please make it payable to the City of Union City.

For park and facility rentals, nonresidents are charged an additional fee. You must live, own a business, or pay Union City property taxes in order to receive the resident rate. Proof is required.

You can download the Park Reservation form (PDF) and fill it out in advance before coming in.

Chart showing park reservation fees

Premium Days: Easter Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween Day

Holiday Days: MLK Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day,  Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day

Park Site Seating/Capacity Picnic Tables BBQ Grills Restrooms
Accinelli Park 24/30 3 1 Yes
Arroyo Park 32/40 4 1 Yes
Casa Verde Park- San Carvante 32/40 4 2 No
Contempo 80/100 10 3 Yes
Dry Creek 64/80 8 2 No
Kennedy Park - Daniel Camarillo 104/130 13 4 Yes
Kennedy Park - Camarillo Red 48/60 6 2 Yes
Kennedy Park - Camarillo Brown 56/70 7 2 Yes
Kennedy Park - Amphitheater 0/125 0 0 Yes
Kennedy Park - Sycamore 32/40 4 1 Yes
Kennedy Park - Willow 32/40 4 2 Yes
Old Alvarado - Magnolia 64/80 8 3 Yes
Old Alvarado - Elm 32/40 4 3 Yes
Old Alvarado - Gazebo 0/75 0 0 Yes
Old Alvarado - Wisteria 16/20 2 1 Yes
Sea Breeze - Sea 24/30 3 1 Yes
Sea Breeze - Breeze 16/20 2 1 Yes
Seven Hills Park - Kitayama 48/60 6 3 Yes
Shorty Garcia 16/20 2 1 Yes
Town Estates - Cameron 16/20 2 1 Yes
Ton Estates - Winchester 48/60 6 2 Yes
Veteran's Memorial - Hall Ranch 16/20 2 1 Yes
Veteran's Memorial - Veteran 64/80 8 2 Yes
William Cann Civic - Egret 8/10 1 1 No
William Cann Civic - Heron 8/10 1 1 No
William Cann Neighborhood Park - Cann Site 32/40 4 1 Yes
William Cann Neighborhood Park - Brent Site 32/40 4 1 Yes

Inflatable Bounce Houses

Inflatable bounce houses are allowed in designated areas and require a generator provided by the bounce house company. You may not have a bounce house at any Union City park without a park reservation.

No Alcohol or Smoking

We do not allow smoking or drinking alcohol at any of our parks.

Sound Amplification Permits

Sound amplification permits are only issued for Kennedy Park's Amphitheater and Old Alvarado/Cesar Chavez Gazebo. Amplified music is only allowed when you reserve a picnic area and receive an amplification permit. The fee for an amplification permit is $50.

Rules & Regulations

Review our Park Use Policy Handbook (PDF) for additional information and rules.

All park reservations are currently being made at the Kennedy Youth Center located at 1333 Decoto Road, Union City.

Please note that all regulations and fees are subject to change without notice. For current information please contact the Kennedy Youth Center at 510.675.5329.