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For Union City Transit questions and general information please call 510.471.1411.

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Clipper Card 

Union City Transit offers 31-Day passes only on Clipper. A 31-Day pass offers unlimited rides on Union City Transit for thirty-one (31) consecutive days once a Clipper card is tagged on a Union City Transit bus. When autoload is enabled on a registered card, the card will start the thirty-one (31) day count once the card is tagged again. Clipper conveniently works on Union City Transit, BART, AC Transit, Dumbarton Express, and many other public transit operators in the Bay Area. Please note that if you do not add additional cash value or select another fare product on Clipper, it will ONLY work on Union City Transit and not for other transit agencies.

In addition to the Union City Transit 31-Day pass, all cards have other discounts and transfers loaded, so no paper transfers are required. It is recommended to add value to cards online; to load value in-person, please visit the BART station or participating retailers until City Hall reopens for Clipper services. It is recommended to setup autoload onto your card for convenience.

*Union City Transit is recommending that all transit riders get their reusable Clipper card for contactless payment at this time.

If you would prefer to talk to a person, all Clipper card services will be handled directly through the Clipper Customer Service Center by calling 877.878.8883.

Buying Paratransit 10-Ride Booklets Online

Easy steps to buying paratransit tickets online:

  • Click the "Add to Cart" button below the pass that you would like to purchase.
  • Enter the quantity of ticket books desired in new window or tab from PayPal.
  • Click on "Check Out" to pay with a Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover) and enter info, or click on "Check Out With PayPal" to use your PayPal account to make the purchase.
  • Click on "Review Order and Continue" after all information is entered.
  • If all your information is correct, click on "Pay Now."
  • Paratransit ticket books will arrive within 1 week of purchase.

Read through more instructions on purchasing passes online (PDF).

Please note: paratransit ticket books are not Taxi Vouchers. Taxi Vouchers must be purchased in person or through the mail. Please click here for more information and an order form.

Paratransit 10-Ride Ticket Book - $27.50

These Paratransit ticket books may be purchased by anyone but are only valid on Union City Paratransit for certified riders.

  • The last day to order paratransit ticket booklets online is 12/22/2021 before noon. Paratransit ticket books are available at the Marketplace Safeway Customer Service counter on Decoto Road at Alvarado-Niles Road.
  • 在線訂購輔助客運系統車票的最後一天是 2021 年 12 月 22 日中午之前。 輔助客運系統售票簿可在位於 Alvarado-Niles 路 Decoto 路的 Marketplace Safeway 客戶服務櫃檯獲取。
  • El último día para solicitar folletos de boletos de paratránsito en línea es el 22/12/2021 antes del mediodía. Los talonarios de boletos de paratránsito están disponibles en el mostrador de Servicio al Cliente de Marketplace Safeway en Decoto Road en Alvarado-Niles Road.


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Review your selections before purchasing your ticket books.

Please note that transit and paratransit operators are allowed to ask for valid ID when presenting certain passes. Operators are allowed to deny service and confiscate a Clipper card or ticket that is used fraudulently.

Thank you for supporting public transit and riding Union City Transit.