Economic & Community Development

In Economic Development, our job is to help the city grow by balancing the needs that every city has--jobs and housing. We look at the full scope of our City’s growth and develop a long-term strategic plan to attract high-paying jobs for our residents, maintain housing affordability, and keep Union City a great place to live and work.

Our city’s strong, multifaceted economy balances professional services, retail, and service industries with manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and “new economy” firms. We value our residents as our most important assets.

We are a responsive community known for our business-friendly, we-can-do-anything attitude. In Union City, you will not only discover our central location, you will also find a city administration that understands and responds to business’ needs. Union City has a well-deserved reputation as a hardworking community, which is reflected in our willingness to go to work for your business. Our city departments are committed to working closely together to get things done in a timely manner. Whether it is assistance in providing quick answers to questions or offering innovative problem-solving, you will find we have a genuine customer service focus.


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