Archived City Records

The record library is an online repository of thousands of city records. The City of Union City currently uses Laserfische as its record library. 

You can search the records repository by entering a key term in the search box at the top of the page. Otherwise, you can browse for records through the "Public Documents" folder. City Council records can be found in the "City Clerk" folder. Other boards and commissions records can be found in the "Boards & Commissions" folder. Departmental records can be found in the corresponding departmental folders. 

You can access all of the City's records here.

Here is a list of commonly recalled items currently in the repository:

Agendas and Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the City Council and various City boards, committees, and commissions, which are governed by the Ralph M. Brown Act. Union City's Records Library contains the agendas and minutes of the following: 
  • City Council
  • Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency
  • Redevelopment Agency
  • Public Financing Authority
  • Oversight Board for the Successor Agency to the Union City Redevelopment Agency
  • Union City Station District Economic Development Corporation
  • Boards/Commissions/Committees
    • Human Relations Commission
    • Parks and Recreation Commission
    • Planning Commission
    • Public Art Board
    • Senior Citizen Commission
    • Youth Commission
    • Youth Violence Prevention

Legislative Actions

Resolutions and ordinances from the legislative bodies of the City of Union City.

Contractual Agreements

Contractual agreements between various parties and the City of Union City.