Business License

Per Chapter 5 of the Union City Municipal Code, a business license is needed for all businesses, trades, professions, callings, and occupations operating in Union City. Also, if you are carrying out business transactions with customers, clients, and tenants in Union City, then you need a business license.

Download and view our business license brochure

You must submit a separate Union City Business License Application for each reason listed below:

  • New Business
  • 2nd Business Location
  • 2nd Business Purpose/Same Location as an Existing Business
  • New Location for Existing Business
  • New Name for Existing Business
  • New ownership for Existing Business

The Application Process

The following are steps to apply for a business license (forms are downloadable in links):

Application Considerations

Business license taxes and fees vary based on the type of business that you operate and are shown in the Business License Tax Schedule (January 1, 2018).

Every business located within the City must contact the Planning Department at 510.675.5319 or  to see if the location you intend to occupy is suitable for your type of business.

The Review Process 

The review process typically takes 3 weeks, but this can vary based on the nature or complexity of your business. Download and view our Pre-Inspection Worksheet.

We will verify the status of any other licenses or permits that you are required to obtain from the following:

We will notify you when our review process is completed, and, if approved or conditionally approved, you will be issued a business license. If denied, we will let you know the reasons, and you will have the opportunity to remedy the issues if they can be reasonably corrected.

Steps to Close a Business License 

Follow these steps when you no longer need a business license with us: 

  • Use the Declaration of Closed Business form to deactivate an account that is no longer conducting business in Union City. If more than one entity within a combined group is deactivating the entities' business accounts, complete this form for each entity that is no longer conducting business in Union City.
  • Return the Declaration of Closed Business form and necessary documentation to the address, email, or fax number shown below, along with any unpaid business licenses taxes and fees that may be owed to date before closing of business.
  • Your business license account will be closed after the Declaration of Closed Business form, necessary documentation, and unpaid business licenses taxes and fees (if applicable) have been submitted and it has been determined by City staff that there is no evidence of continued business practices in Union City.
  • If you should resume your business in Union City, please re-apply using the steps shown above.

Business Search

For a list of businesses in Union City, please reference our Business Search Instructions. If you have any questions, please contact Business Licensing at Biz-License@UnionCity.Org

Further Information

If you have questions, you can contact us by: