Development Services

What We Do

Our Development Services is carried out by City planners and building officials who work collaboratively to assist customers through the development review process. This site is your one-stop-shop to find information related to city code requirements, our development review process, necessary requirements for plan submissions and all other key steps you need to take to move your project forward. Our customers include:

  • Contractors managing major development projects, like multi-family housing, commercial and industrial
  • Homeowners taking on small or large home renovations

We pride ourselves on offering boutique-style services to incoming businesses and existing businesses who are building new or expanding their location and to residents who are looking to make home improvements. We understand that you have a lot on your plate so, it is our goal to get you through the development review process quickly, while providing you with a personalized, high quality service.

If you are not exactly sure what type of review and permits you need for your project, call us at 510.675.5313 and we can help you.