Street Outreach

We Meet You Where You Are

We get that some people are not willing to get help if it means they have to go through a traditional agency system or even walk through the doors to our resource center. As a street outreach team, we find that the best way to connect with our youth and young adults is to go straight to them. By making interpersonal connections with our community members – on their turf – it allows us to build trust and ultimately get our clients the intervention services they need.

We also run a workshop called Taking Care of Business where we teach young men in our community about important life skills. The workshop relies on self-reflection, education and mentorship as a means to inspire life changes. 

If you want to know more about what we do, our programs or just want to talk through a tough issue, call us at 510.675.5822 (or find our emails below!). 

Who We Are

Meet Street Outreach Worker David Madrid

David Madrid has over thirteen years’ experience working with incarcerated and at risk youth providing mentoring and intervention services. His own personal experience of growing up in East San Jose dealing with drugs, gangs and troubled home life is what led him to this line of work. It’s those life experiences that help him not just understand the youth but help him address root issues that many young people maybe facing today.

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Meet Street Outreach Worker David Sarinana

David Sarinana was raised in Hayward and attended school in Union City. From the time he was young, he and his family received housing and government assistance to meet the family’s needs. He struggled in his early years without having a father around and found himself having frequent encounters with police and being in fights because of his drug abuse and bad choices. It was a period of mistakes and anguish for him as a young man to experience the set-backs at such a young age. 

However, he was mandated by the courts to enroll into a counseling program in Oakland and that’s when he starting turning the corner and making positive choices. He found his calling when he started to inspire other young men to turn the corner by his motivational stories and unique talents. He was given the opportunity to land his dream job to work with young minority men and never looked back. Today he is still working with young men and pursuing his substance use disorder certification to fulfill his educational dreams.

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