Case Management


Case managers work one-on-one with families to assess their specific needs and identify resources to boost their quality of life. We do this by helping families:

  • Define their own barriers
  • Figure out their vision of success
  • Understand their strengths

Case managers develop a strength-based plan to address barriers to success so that each family can achieve their definition of success.

Typical cases we receive include:

  • Families with school-age children in need of basics (food, shelter, clothing)
  • Youth who need community service hours
  • Youth who will not graduate school on time and need resources to earn a high school diploma or GED
  • Youth or adults (25 years and younger) involved in gangs or violence
  • Youth or adults (25 years and younger) who need support in completing probation

Why am I a case manager?

Sergio has faced many barriers in his own life, which shaped his view of single-parent households, immigrant families, gang-involved youth, released inmates, and everyone else who needs someone to believe in them.

Sergio was born and raised in East Oakland as the son of parents who immigrated from Mexico. His first challenge was being raised in a Spanish-speaking home and adjusting to English in school and outside the home. When Sergio was 6, his father left their family, leaving his mom to work multiple jobs to provide for the kids. They struggled even more when his mom lost her job. When Sergio was kicked out of the house at age 15, he lived with family and friends while he finished high school.

He enrolled in University of California, Riverside, but had to withdraw in his junior year because of the cost. He was tired of struggling, but he regrouped, transferred to CSU East Bay (Hayward at the time), and completed his Bachelor of Arts in 2002.

Since then, he has been working with families in Alameda County, including at Girls Inc. of Alameda County and Union City's Youth and Family Services division. He has special respect for serving families with children on probation or at risk of becoming involved with probation.

Because of Sergio's own experience falling through the cracks and picking himself up again, he is exceptional at helping families understand their own strength to overcome barriers. If you need someone to believe in you or to help you get the resources you need to get up again, please contact Sergio.