What We Do

As counselors with Youth and Family Services, we are here to help people in the community lead healthier, happier and more productive lives. Our goal with providing individuals and families both short and long term counseling is to help people improve family relationships, address academic or behavior issues, and provide support around crisis and traumatic events.stress-mental-health

Our clients that we provide support to tend to experience issues or lifestyles that include:

  • Declining interest in school and school performance
  • Interest or participation in violence, gangs or drug abuse/use
  • High anxiety or stress
  • Conflict resolution with families 
  • Anger management
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts
  • Personal Trauma or family crisis
  • Low self-esteem

Our staff counselors, Kristie Potter (MFT #43455) and Adrian Valadez (ASW) are ready to help you through a traumatic situation. You can reach them directly at 510.675.5217 or by email at or