City Clerk

Who We Are

We work to ensure that the business of city government and the City Council is fair, transparent and open to the public. We primarily support the business operation of the City Council and manage the administrative requirements for record keeping, elections and more.

We are committed to providing quality public service, serving as the link between citizens and their local government. Our goal is to conduct processes with an aim toward transparency.

What We Do:

  • Ensure the security and accessibility of all official City records
  • Serve as the information and records manager of all legislative proceedings
  • Conduct municipal elections
  • Serve as support office to the City Council and City staff
  • Conduct recruitments for City boards and commissions
  • Process claims and lawsuits
  • Maintain the Union City Municipal Code
  • Ensure compliance with the Political Reform Act (Financial Disclosure & Ethics), The Ralph M. Brown Act (Open Meetings) and the California Public Records Act (Open Records)