Political Reform Act

From Watergate to Fair Political Practices

In the aftermath of the Watergate scandal, California was the first state to pass a comprehensive political reform package. Proposition 9, known today as The Political Reform Act, was passed as a ballot measure by California voters in the June 1974 election. The initiative was championed by a tripartite group consisting of then-Secretary of State Jerry Brown, the People’s Lobby, and Common Cause. By including provisions regulating campaign finance, lobbying activity and conflicts of interest, Proposition 9 represented the most significant state-level response to the culture of corruption that was believed to be so pervasive in the pre-Watergate years (Source: California Fair Political Practices Commission).  

In Union City

The Political Reform Act requires the City Clerk, serving as the Filing Officer, to administer the Union City Conflict of Interest Code. Officials designated in the Conflict of Interest Code are required to file the following forms with the City Clerk:

  • Assuming Office Statement when assuming a designated position
  • An annual statement each year 
  • A Leaving Office Statement within 30 days of resignation of termination
  • Candidate Statement (for elected officials only)
  • Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700)

Statements of Economic Interest filed by certain State and Local Government agency elected officers are available in electronic format on the Fair Political Practices Commission's website.

Local Campaign Filings – Online Posting (AB 2151 (Gallagher) – Chapter 214, Statutes of 2020.)

Beginning January 1, 2021, this law requires local government agencies to post campaign statements and reports on their agency’s website, within 72 hours of each applicable filing deadline, if they are filed in paper format. If the final day of the 72-hour period is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the period is extended to the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. 

Before posting, the local filing officer shall redact the street name and building number of the persons or entity representatives listed on any statement, report, or document, or any bank account number required to be disclosed by the filer. Providing a link on the agency’s internet website to the statement, report, or other document satisfies this requirement. 

This bill further requires that the statements and reports be made available for four years from the date of the election associated with the filing. This bill is operative January 1, 2021.

Please CLICK HERE to read AB 2151

Filers (in alphabetical order)

Committee Number
Election & Office Sought
Vipan BajwaNot Yet AssignedNov 2022 - Council District 3VB 501 - Candidate Intention Statement
Sarabjit Cheema1433405Nov 2020 - MayorSKC Form 501

* No Additional Forms Filed by Candidate

Carol Dutra-Vernaci990051Nov 2020 - MayorCDV Form 501
Emily DuncanNANA
Lee GuioNot Yet AssignedNov 2022 - Council District 3LG 501 - Candidate Intention Statement
Sandi Holder Grayson1431695Nov 2020 - Council District 1SHG Form 501
Pat GacoscosNANA
Jaime Patino1425023Nov 2020 - MayorJP Form 501
Jaime Patino1378625Nov 2022 - Council District 2
Save Our Hills
Scott Sakakihara1438746Nov 2022 - Council District 4SS 501 - Candidate Intention Statement
Gary Singh1425084Nov 2020 - Council District 1GS Form 501
Jeff Wang1441633Nov 2022 - Council District 3JW 501 - Candidate Intention Statement
Union City Police Officers Association Issues PAC
Yes on Measure WW1422280Nov 2020Form 410

Form 460; 07/01/20 to 09/19/20

Form 460; 06/30/20to 9/25/20 Amended

Form 497; Report 1

Form 460; 09/20/20 to 10/17/20

Form 497; Report 2

Form 460; 10/18/20 to 10/30/20

Form 497; Report 3

Form 497; Report 4