Marketing and Communications

Who We Are

The award winning Marketing and Communications Program is made up of a team of three people - Lauren, Chase and Finney. We manage multiple platforms, in which we aim to deliver you information about Union City that is timely, accurate and meaningful. Here are the principles we work by-

  • Two way communication - When you reach out to us, we will always respond back.
  • Friendly, warm and conversational - You know how sometimes government can sound so... well, formal? Not us. :)  
  • Raise awareness of our brand - As a city government, we are proud to represent a culturally diverse and forward-thinking community. So, we see our brand logo and identity as a tool to show that to the world.
Image of the marketing and communications team

Have any questions about marketing and communications? Feel free to contact us at or by phone at 510.675.5400.