Underground Storage Tanks

The Union City Environmental Programs Division regulates the construction, operation, repair and removal of underground storage tank (UST) systems. A permit to operate a UST system in the City of Union City is required by state law and local ordinance. State law mandates annual UST monitor certifications, facility inspections and payment of fees. Close coordination between inspectors, contractors and the regulated community is a priority for the City. Environmental Programs inspectors perform the following activities in the Union City UST Program:

  • Conduct annual routine inspections of all underground tank facilities in Union City
  • Conduct triennial secondary containment inspections
  • Review all permit applications for UST installations, repairs, upgrades and removals
  • Conduct UST installation, repair, and upgrade inspections

The goal of the Environmental Programs UST Program is to protect public health, the environment and groundwater. To accomplish this goal, Environmental Programs ensures that businesses and facilities with ongoing UST operations are properly permitted and meet the monitoring requirements applicable to their type of equipment. This is accomplished during plan check and inspection activities.

Environmental Programs is the lead agency for permitting installations of new UST systems, UST repairs, and piping removals, performing plan checks and inspections. Each UST site is inspected annually as mandated by State law. As the CUPA, Environmental Programs is also the lead enforcement agency for violations of underground storage tank laws and regulations (Chapter 6.7 of Division 20 of the California Health and Safety Code and Title 23 of Division 3 of the California Code of Regulations).

The Alameda County Water District (ACWD) also plays an important role and has specific requirements that must be satisfied for UST closures and removals. Please refer to the ACWD website at www.ACWD.org for more information.

Refer to the state Water Board’s UST website at www.waterboards.ca.gov for additional detailed program requirements.

UST Program Contacts:
Andy Block, Environmental Programs Manager, 510.675.5358, andrewb@unioncity.org
Andrea Saras, Environmental Inspector, 510.675.5367