Single Family Collection

Image of Recycling - Yard Waste - Garbage

We provide most Union City households with three bins: a 35-gallon garbage bin (blue), a 64-gallon recycling bin (brown), and a 96-gallon organics bin for food scraps and yard waste (green). Collection trucks empty the carts on a weekly schedule (each home will be serviced on the same day each week). Union City homeowners pay for collection services through special assessments that appear on their annual property tax statement. 

By sorting your green waste, trash, and recycling at home you help the environment, ease the strain on landfills, and reduce contamination.

General Collection Guidelines

  • Place containers out by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day
  • Lids must be closed
  • Leave 2 feet between containers and any other obstacles
  • Keep containers out of bike lanes whenever possible
  • Containers should be out for service no earlier than twelve hours before your collection day, and should be returned to the storage area on your property within twelve hours of collection

Request a Service

To report a problem like missed service, illegal dumping, container repair, or smaller cart, call 510.657.3500.

Start a New Service

Just moved to a new home? Need to start garbage and recycle service? Call 510.657.3500.