Single-Family Residential Collection Program & Services

Image of Recycling - Yard Waste - Garbage

The City of Union City contracts with Republic Services and Tri-CED Community Recycling for residential recycle, compost , and landfill (garbage) collection service. For most households, the standard 64-gallon gray recycle cart, and 96-gallon compost cart, and 35-gallon blue landfill cart do the job, but carts can be downsized or upsized to meet your needs. The all-inclusive rate for recycle, compost, and landfill collection service depends on the size of the landfill cart. Click here for all collection service rates. 

Each home will be serviced on the same day each week unless the service day falls on an observed holiday, which include Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Union City homeowners pay for collection services through special assessments that appear on the annual property tax statement.

By properly sorting your recyclable, compostable, and landfill materials, you help reduce waste and pollution, conserve natural resources, and achieve important State and local mandated recycling goals.

General Collection Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to ensure clean and efficient collection service:

  • Residential Cart-Set-Out Opens in new windowPlace containers out by 6:00 AM on your scheduled collection service day.
  • Lids must close completely. Do not overload your containers.  
  • Leave two (2) feet between containers and any other obstacles.
  • Keep containers out of bike lanes and public rights-of-way whenever possible.
  • Containers should be out for service no earlier than twelve hours before your scheduled service day. Containers must be returned to the storage area on your property by midnight on your collection service day. Store containers out of public view all other times.
  • Properly sort your materials to comply with State and City regulations. Recycle and compost bins/carts containing landfill (garbage) materials may result in additional collection service fees.
  • Overflow materials will not be collected. If you have extra landfill materials, contact Republic Services to purchase an "overage" bag, which includes the cost of disposal.

Have a Collection Program Question or Request? 

To start landfill collection service and for service- and billing-related questions and requests such as reporting missed service, please contact Republic Services at 510.657.3500 for assistance. 

To start recycle and compost collection service and for all recycle and compost service-related questions, please contact Tri-CED Community Recycling at 510.429.8030 for assistance. 

For general program questions, contact Union City Recycles at 510.675.5433. To learn more, visit our Residential Publications & Resources page.