Single Stream Recycling

What is Single Stream Recycling?
Single Stream Recycling allows you to put all your recyclable materials—plastic, glass and metal food and beverage containers, mixed paper, and cardboard—into one gray 64-gallon Recycling cart.

Can I get a different size cart?
You may request a smaller (35-gallon) or larger (96-gallon) Recycling cart by contacting Tri-CED Community Recycling at 510-429-8030.

What materials can I put in my brown recycling cart?
It is very important to the success of the City of Union City's recycling programs that residents place only the correct items in the recycling cart. You CAN put paper (magazines, newspaper, office paper, junk mail, cardboard, milk cartons), clean aluminum foil and trays, glass bottles and jars, metal cans, plastic bottles, and shredded paper contained in a paper bag.

What cannot go in the recycling cart: trash, plastic bags, food waste and food-soiled paper (compost it instead), plant debris, wood, hazardous and medical waste, mirrors, ceramics, textiles (note that some stores and nonprofits do accept textiles for recycling), concrete, construction debris, asphalt, and dirt.

How do I get more information? 
For more information about single stream recycling, please call Tri-CED Community Recycling at 510-429-8030 or Union City Recycles at (510) 675-5466.

Image of recycling do's and dont's