Organics Collection

Why should I place food scraps in the green organics cart?

Food scraps and food-soiled paper is heavy and bulky, making up a large portion of the residential waste stream. Keeping this material out of our landfill and converting it into compost will help us reduce waste. Compost is a valuable resource and soil amendment used by farmers, landscapers, and gardeners to help grow new plants. Diverting food scraps from the landfill reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves water.

What goes in the bin

Food scraps (meat, vegetables, fruit, seafood, egg shells, dairy product), coffee filters and grounds, waxed cardboard, paper cups and plates, napkins, paper towels, pizza boxes, untreated wood, all yard trimmings (small branches, leaves, grass, weeds, brush).

What does NOT go in the bin

Trash or recyclable material, electronic waste, hazardous or medical waste, liquids/oils/grease, construction debris, concrete, asphalt, dirt, diapers, pet waste, plastic bags, and plastic containers.

Image of Organics Do's and Dont's