Bulky Item Pickup

Bulky Item Pickup

 All residential customers can have two appointments per year for the free pickup of acceptable bulky items including yard waste. 

Got a bulky item you need to get rid of such as a piece of furniture or a large appliance, i.e. refrigerator or clothes washer? Call Republic Services at 510.657.3500 to schedule one of two (2) FREE pickups available annually to most Union City homeowners.

Easy steps to a successful clean-up

  1. Before you begin a cleanup project, schedule an appointment to have your items picked up. Republic Services will provide a collection date within 21 days of your request.
  2. Wait until the night before the pickup to place your items on the street next to the curb. If materials are put out too soon, it may encourage others to add to your trash pile and it won't be picked up and you could be subject to a citation.
  3. Set out no more than four cubic yards (6 ft. x 6 ft. x 3 ft) of items.
  4. Set out furniture, major appliances (1 per pickup), recyclables, organics materials, or electronics (TVs, computers, monitors, printers, stereos, VCR/DVD players etc.)
  5. Small throwaways MUST BE bagged or boxed. Loose throwaways WILL NOT be picked up.
  6. Oven, refrigerator doors must be taped.
  7. Yard trimmings must not exceed 6 inches in diameter or 5 feet in length and must be bagged, boxed or tied in bundles.
  8. Limit of four tires per pickup

Call Republic Services at 510.657.3500 to schedule your bulky item pickup.