Clean Water Program

Having clean and healthy waterways is important to our daily lives. Did you know that storm drains flow directly to our creeks, wetlands and the Bay? Most people believe storm water goes into a water treatment plant, not realizing that when people dump litter and hazardous materials onto roadways, the rain carries that pollution into our creeks and the Bay. Everyday actions to keep our streets and storm drains clear and clean, like picking up your litter, fixing oil leaks ASAP, and keeping soapy runoff from washing your car to a minimum, all help keep our natural water clean.

The City’s Environmental Programs Division has an industrial and illicit-discharge inspection program to protect our storm drains and waterways from pollution. We also review storm water pollution prevention plans, conduct storm water event inspections of construction sites, and investigate complaints about illicit discharges into public storm drain system.

In addition, our Public Works Department is responsible for implementing the California Regional Water District Quality Control Board's San Francisco Bay Region Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (called the MRP). Public Works make sure that the permits requirements are adhered to and enforced.

All new development projects must begin by completing the Impervious Surface Form and the Checklist for Development Projects, which may require completing other forms (see full list below).

For more information visit the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program Website

Clean Water Program Documents and Links

For Residents - Small Projects Worksheets:

For Development - Construction Related Storm Water Requirement Forms: 

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