Patch Project

The Union City Police Department is proud to participate in the Patch Project, which is designed to help raise funds through the awareness, sales and promotion of commemorative police patches.

It is the goal of the Union City Police Department to promote and educate the public about early detection, cancer prevention, and raising awareness. Through this project we can help further the research, treatment and care for those who are battling, have battled, or are living with the effects of autism, childhood cancers and breast cancer. 

If you are a community member and want to help support breast cancer research, treatment and education with us, you can purchase a commemorative Patch for $10. 

Purchase your patches at the front counter of Police Department or make arrangements for the patches to be mailed directly to you. These patches also make great gifts!

Autism Patch

Autism Awareness Month is recognized in April. The goal of this campaign is to help raise funds to empower, educate, and advocate for those who are affected by autism. We hope through the funding of this project that it will help to enhance the lives of people living with autism to become more empowered, independent and active members of our community.  During the month of April, we will highlight these efforts of support and encourage awareness and conversation among our community members.

UCPD Autism Awareness Patch

Children's Gold Patch

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is recognized annually in September. The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness, fund research, educate, and provide resources and care for children and their families affected by childhood cancer. During the month of September, members of our police department will wear these gold patches on their uniforms to bring awareness and support to this important cause.

Please join us as we seek to make a difference by helping St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We are accepting donations throughout the year and you'll see our presence online especially during the month of September.

UCPD Children's Patch Project

Pink Patch

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is recognized every October. The goal of this campaign is to help raise funds to further research, education, and treatment for those who are battling and have battled breast cancer. During the month of October, members of our police department will wear pink patches on their uniforms in support of this effort and to encourage awareness.

These commemorative patches are available for purchase throughout the year and are highlighted during the months of awareness. The patches can be purchased for $10 through PayPal or at the front counter of the Union City Police Department.

The Pink Patch version of Union City Police Department's patch, to raise funds and awareness for

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For any questions regarding this project or about these charities, please contact Officer Russell Orlando at the Union City Police Department at | (510) 458-3727 or Audrey Villalobos at | (510) 675-5247 

We would like to give a special thank you to the UCPD Police Officers Association, West Coast Cleaners, and all of our sponsors and supporters in helping to make a difference!