Alameda CTC Projects & Programs

The City of Union City and The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) are working together on a variety of transportation improvement projects and programs.

The original Measure B is set to expire in 2022, following the latest 20-year extension of the measure that goes back to 1986.

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In November 2010, voters approved Measure F, the Alameda County Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF). This measure, which collects $10 per year as part of vehicle registration, began in May 2011 with the goal to strengthen the County's transportation network and reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

In 2014, voters approved Measure BB to augment and extend the existing sales tax measure. The collection of Measure BB funds began in April 2015.

Alameda CTC collects and administers the funds and provides the City of Union City with funding to help maintain our local streets and roads and implement bike and pedestrian improvements projects. All Measure B, Measure BB and Measure F funds come with specific program and financial compliance requirements.

For more information on the Alameda County Transportation Commission’s Measure B, Measure BB  and Measure F programs, please go to

Union City Measure B, Measure BB, Measure F funded and other significant projects

  1. Local Streets & Roads
  2. Bicycle & Pedestrian 
  3. BART Station
  4. Transit Oriented Development

Measure B/Measure BB Local Streets & Roads Projects

Measure B/Measure BB Local Streets and Roads funds are used to help pay for several types of street and roadway projects in order to maintain and improve upon the existing transportation infrastructure in the City of Union City.Image of Measure B Street and Road Projects

The following types of major projects are funded with Measure B/Measure BB  LS&R funds during most years:

  • Slurry seal program to rehabilitate various City streets.
  • Pavement overlay of various streets as part of annual pavement rehabilitation program.
  • Street Paving Maintenance (spot pavement repairs, pot holes, etc.)
  • Safety upgrade to City's Traffic Signal system.

Visit the Alameda County Transportation Commission’s website for more information on the Measure BB Program.

Measure F (VRF) Local Streets & Roads Projects

Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) administers the voter-approved Alameda County Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) knownImage of Measure F Street and Road Projects as Measure F, which collects $10 during vehicle registration process and proportionally distributes the funds to the various agencies.

The following types of major projects are funded by Measure F funds in a typical year:

  • Pavement overlay of various streets.
  • Slurry Seal Project on various streets.
  • Safety upgrade to existing traffic signals.

Measure F funds will continue to be essential in addressing transportation-related needs within the City including:

  • Bike & pedestrian infrastructure
  • Annual wheelchair ramp upgrades
  • Pavement overlay (Restriping of bike lanes, ramp upgrades, etc.)

VRF Grant - Union City BART (Phase 2) Station ImprovementsImage of the BART Station Interior

In 2013, the Alameda County Transportation Commission awarded $5,730,000 in Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) Grant Funds to the City of Union City for Phase 2 of the City’s Intermodal BART Station Improvements.

These funds, combined with $17 million in funds from other sources such as Federal Transit Administration, California Department of Finance’s Proposition 1C and One Bay Area Grant, are essential to transforming the Union City BART station into a two-sided multimodal station serving light rail, buses and planned heavy passenger rails.

The project comprises of two main components:

Segment A (Phase 2) has been completed and consisted of reconfiguring the interior concourse to allow for a new east entry with unrestricted passage through the station. This will allow BART patrons to exit the BART Station and walk to new housing and job centers in Union City’s Station District once Segment B is completed.

Segment A (Phase 2A) has been completed and installed two new escalators and one new staircase, as well as an expanded north-bound platform. 

Segment B, the Railroad Pedestrian Crossing Component, will construct the pedestrian at-grade crossing at the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks for a new easterly access between the BART station, transit facilities and TOD housing. City has collaborated with UPRR, CPUC and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and has received concurrence from UPRR for the new at-grade crossing. This project is nearing final design.

Together, the two Segment A and Segment B improvement elements improve transit access and mobility for residents and commuters in Union City.

Image of Phase 2 Overview

2000 Measure B Grant – Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Update

In 2017, the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) awarded $150,000 from the 2000 Measure B Disc. – B&P funds to help update the City’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan. The update to the B&P Master Plan, which was last undertaken in 2006, will consider the latest design and safety advancements in bike lane design, such as bike lane buffers, as well as include in the Plan all the citywide improvements implemented since the last update.

The City Of Union City completed and adopted its 2021 Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan in December 2021.  It provides a more current vision for the bicycle and pedestrian network that ensures consistency with the local needs of residents while also considering countywide initiatives in this Planning document.

The grant fund amount represents a substantial contribution to the update effort, being 50% of the total cost of the Plan update, which will be supplemented by other local funds.  

2014 Measure BB Grant – Union City Blvd. Class II Bike Lanes Project

In 2017, the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) awarded just over $6.5 million from the 2014 Measure BB TEP- 44 funds to design and build this project.  In addition, Alameda CTC awarded 2024 CIP funds in the amount of $1.8 million in the first half of 2023 to further fund the project along.

These grant funds will be used to construct approximately two miles of Class II buffered bicycle lanes in each direction on Union City Blvd. from a point 600 ft. south of Alvarado Blvd. to the southerly City limits at the Ardenwood Bridge. The new bike lanes will incorporate a raised protective buffer between the travel lanes and the bike lanes and eliminate the last remaining two mile long bike-lane gap along Union City Blvd. The project will also implement other associated improvements such as reconfigured lanes, traffic signal modifications and the addition of an approximately 1,500 linear feet long right-turn pocket in the south-bound direction at Rocklin Dr.

The grant fund amount represents a major contribution to the project cost, being approximately 75% of the  total cost of the project. The rest of the budget will be supplemented by CMA TIP, Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) and other local funds.  Construction is expected to begin in the first half of 2024.

Visit the fact sheet here.