2018 Ballot Measures

Update on the Results of Measures DD and EE - November 7, 2018

We appreciate the community’s interest in Measure DD, which was enacted by the voters.  Although, Measure EE was not enacted by the voters, we are grateful for the thousands of residents who participated in the election. The City offered a choice to help maintain essential services in Union City. It was an important decision for the community to make. Ultimately, we take our direction from the residents of Union City. 

We look forward to keeping the community informed and working with them to continue addressing public safety and quality of life services in Union City.

Learn about Measure DD and EE  

In July 2018, the City Council voted to place two measures for voter consideration on the November ballot to maintain essential services and enhance local control.

If enacted, Measure DD, a cannabis business tax, would apply only to Union City cannabis businesses to ensure they contribute funds towards City services that may include community youth education programs and for enforcement to combat the illegal black market of cannabis. The measure would include accountability requirements, including independent audits and yearly reports to the community to ensure funds are spent efficiently and effectively.

A second measure, Measure EE, if approved by voters, would allow Union City to enact a local charter giving residents a greater voice and enhancing local control over local revenue. If enacted, Union City would become a Charter City with an enhanced Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT) paid for when property is transferred from seller to buyer, with much of the revenue coming from corporate and commercial real estate owners.

Measure DD and EE will maintain and prevent cuts to essential services, which may include: 

  • 911 dispatch, neighborhood police patrols
  • Emergency response times
  • After-school programs for children and teens
  • Keeping fire stations open full time

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More About Measure DD - Union City's Proposed Cannabis Business Tax

As a result of Proposition 64 passing in 2016, the State of California and Union City developed a strict regulatory framework to oversee commercial cannabis businesses in our city in a safe and responsible way. Union City has administered a rigorous application process for potential commercial cannabis applicants seeking a cannabis permit to operate in Union City. A thorough vetting of applicants has identified two highly qualified commercial cannabis businesses who are undergoing the approval process with Union City at this time.

In anticipation of these future cannabis businesses, the City Council has placed a Measure DD on the November ballot. If approved by voters, the tax would require cannabis businesses to contribute funds to maintain Union City’s quality of life.

Measure DD would include strict accountability requirements including independent audits and yearly reports to the community to ensure funds are spent efficiently and effectively.

About Measure EE - Union City's Proposed Charter

Becoming a Charter City would establish a local Charter outlining how the City is governed on local issues, ultimately, giving residents a greater voice. Measure EE proposes a city charter that keeps the City’s current governing system intact and
enhances our Real Property Transfer Tax, which will generate more revenue to fund essential services for Union City residents. The proposed city charter keeps intact the following:

  • Municipal Code, all ordinances, codes, resolutions and regulations retained unless inconsistent with the adopted Charter.
  • City Council may amend existing policies and codes under same procedure now used.
  • Council-Manager form of government retained. City Manager implements City Council policies, and hires department heads.
  • Existing election procedures required by General Law cities are retained. Any changes to election procedures including term limits, time of election, and how City Council members are elected are generally subject to voter approval.

Measure EE Would Give Residents More Local Control Over Local Revenue

Charter Cities may adopt an enhanced Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT). An RPTT is a one-time payment made, typically included in the closing costs, when a property is transferred from seller to buyer. Much of the revenue from these transactions would come
from corporate and commercial real estate owners.

As a general law city, Union City’s current RPTT is capped at $0.55 per $1,000 of value paid at the time of sale of property under State law. An enhanced RPTT of $10 per $1000 of value paid at the time of sale of property would generate an average of $5
million annually that can help maintain essential City services, such as public safety and youth and senior services.

With the benefit of an enhanced RPTT, our neighboring cities are able to generate more revenue to fund essential services than Union City.

The RPTT rates in Alameda County Charter Cities are:

RPTT Rates

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July 24, 2018 - The City Council is considering the placement of two ballot measures on the November 2018 General Election Ballot.

Cannabis Business Tax Proposal:

Charter City Measure with Enhanced Real Property Transfer Tax

Community Survey Results

June 26, 2018 - A Presentation of Potential Fiscal and Service Level/Program Impacts Associated with the November 2018 Municipal Ballot was give to the City Council:

June 2, 2018 - The City Council held their annual retreat and discussed the City's fiscal outlook, recognize the quality of services provided to residents and opportunities for growth, including the proposed ballot measures.

May 8, 2018 and June 12, 2018 - Two Public Hearings were held on a Charter City measure with an enhanced Real Property Transfer Tax at regularly scheduled City Council meetings.