Commercial Cannabis Regulations and Program

About Union City's Local Regulations 

On January 1, 2018, California legalized cannabis use by adults 21 and older. In response to the changing State laws, Union City has taken steps to ensure proper and legal implementation of cannabis regulations, which have included the adoption of the following ordinances:

The City Council has the authority to choose how many commercial cannabis use permits are issued out at any given time. Through a resolution in November 2017, the number of permits was established at three (3) permits in each category:

  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Testing
  • Medical dispensary

The resolution is still in effect today and does not allow for permits to be authorized for adult-use dispensary. 

Cannabis uses are only allowed in the MS and ML Districts showcased on this map.

Application Process

We are not currently accepting applications for commercial cannabis use permits at this time. 

Two application processes were held in early 2018 and early 2019. Applicants were required to abide by the Application Procedures to Operate a Commercial Cannabis Business in Union City

To date, the City Council has approved Commercial Cannabis Use permits to the following businesses:

  1. Eden Campus Holdings, LLC for cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and medical retail at 30540-30544 Union City Blvd.
  2. Jiva Life, LLC for medical retail at 29400 Kohoutek Way, #100.

To date, the City Council has declared intent to award  Commercial Cannabis Use permits to the following business:

  1. Name: Redwood Medical Supply/Application type: Cultivation, Distribution, Manufacturer, Retailer- Store Front at 2801 - 2809 Faber Street. 

Delivery of Cannabis into Union City

Pursuant to UCMC 5.44.060(E), cannabis deliveries are prohibited without a commercial cannabis permit that is awarded through the application process. 

UCMC 5.44.060(E) provides:

E. Delivery. Deliveries of cannabis in the City shall only be permitted for operators that obtain a permit under this chapter for cannabis dispensaries and operates from a premises within the City. Such operators shall be in conformance with State law, shall be subject to the permit procedures and requirements for cannabis dispensaries under Section 5.44.050.

Program Contacts

Lauren Sugayan - 510.675.5400

Mark Evanoff - 510.675.5345