City Council Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a vital tool for local jurisdictions to ensure that the priorities set by the City Council are conveyed in the organization’s goals, that strategies are clearly developed to meet the goals, and that overall city government is accountable to meeting community needs.

The City Council adopted the strategic plan in October 2019, which included a renewed community vision, mission and values and five goals. 

City Council Resolutions

Strategic Plan Goals

Goal A. Financial Stability and Sustainability 
Foster fiscal health through disciplined long-term planning, cost control, heightened efficiency, increased revenue and cost recovery. 

Goal B. Governance and Organization Effectiveness
Produce high-quality services to the community through a commitment to local government best practices and employee development, support and retention.

Goal C. Economic, Community Development and Public Safety
Institute forward-thinking business, land use development, housing, social services, and public safety strategies that promote community growth and innovation.

Goal D. Environmental Sustainability and Infrastructure 
Create a healthy, sustainable community and maintain and improve the City’s infrastructure. 

Goal E. Communication and Outreach 
Build strong connections with community partners, residents and employees.

Implementation & Reporting

The City's implementation of the strategic plan will span over six years. Ensuring the strategic plan’s alignment with the City’s budget process, capital improvement plan, important policy decisions, economic development initiatives and public safety priorities will all be key measures of success.

The City will provide a report to the City Council twice a year on progress to achieve the plan. 

Staff Reports

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