Fire Station 30 Information & Updates

The City Council identified controlling the rising cost of the Alameda County Fire Department contract, which has increased 40 percent since 2010/2011 and is projected to increase 62 % by 2024, as top City Council priority. The City brought on the Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM), a national expert in public safety, to evaluate fire services provided by the Alameda County Fire Department.

The independent analysis by CPSM found that Fire Station 30, located at the border of Union City and Fremont, is handling on average just over one call a day for emergency fire and medical response to Union City residents at a cost of $3.2 million per year. It was this key data point and other supporting data from CPSM that led the City Council to vote to close the underused fire station. 

The City did not take this action lightly. The facts are clear that Fire Station 30 is simply not needed.  Our three remaining fire stations can (and have before Station 30 was built), without question, provide the right level of service to the entire community.

Background on City Finances

Union City has been taking living within our means seriously at City Hall. The City has been faced with an ongoing budget deficit of $3.5 million a year. The City has carried out spending cuts of over $2 million and as it stands today:

  • Union City Police Department has four police officers patrolling our entire city during many shifts. 
  • There is minimal to no enforcement of city code violations that cause neighborhood blight, such as abandoned vehicles, graffiti and illegal garbage.
  • Community policing services that help address systemic crime and blight in neighborhoods has been eliminated.
  • The School Safety Resource program has been eliminated. 
  • Reduction in community center & library hours is currently underway.
  • Reduction in park maintenance, such as mowing the lawns and emptying park trash.

In addition, the City Council recently approved the Fiscal Years 2019/2020 & 2020/2021 biennial budget using $5.5 million from the City's savings account to help balance ongoing costs. 

Controlling the cost of the City's contract with the Alameda County Fire Department was another critical step we have had to take, in conjunction with significant reductions in all other city services, to be responsible fiscal stewards of the community. 

We encourage residents to read through city resources below to learn about this decision and the outreach the City has carried out.



Upcoming Community Presentations

The following dates are scheduled for community presentations on the topic of closing Fire Station 30. We encourage anyone who is interested to attend, share your thoughts or ask questions.

  • Human Relations Commission Meeting on September 25 at 7:00 PM located at 34009 Alvarado Niles Road
  • Planning Commission Meeting on September 5 at 7:00 PM located at 34009 Alvarado Niles Road
  • Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting on September 11 at 7:00 PM located at 34009 Alvarado Niles Road
  • Senior Commission Meeting on September 17 at 2:30PM located at 34009 Alvarado Niles Road

Additional dates for community presentations will be scheduled and we will update this section regularly as they are scheduled. 

Provide Feedback/Ask us Questions

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