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Local Funding for Local Public Safety

For nearly two decades, Union City’s Public Safety Parcel Tax has provided approximately $4 million in annual funding dedicated to public safety. This funding has helped keep police officers patrolling our streets, helped maintain response times to emergency calls, created youth violence prevention programs, helped decrease youth and property crimes by nearly 30% and provided many other critical public safety programs and services. Unless renewed by voters, this funding will automatically expire in June 2021. Without this funding, reductions in critical public safety services and programs will likely occur, resulting in slower response times and further reductions in on-duty police officers, firefighters and paramedics.

Public Safety Funding Set to Expire

Over $4 million in annual funding dedicated to public safety and youth violence prevention in Union City is set to automatically expire next year unless renewed by voters. The potential loss in funding would be on top of recent cuts to public safety services resulting from the City’s ongoing structural deficit. Some examples of these cuts are:

  • Millions have already been cut from the Union City Police Department
  • At times, only four on-duty police officers are patrolling our City of about 75,000 residents
  • Recently, City Council voted to close the fire station that receives the fewest calls for service

Expiration of these funds would result in further reductions to the number of on-duty firefighters, paramedics and slower emergency response times.

Renewing Public Safety Funding

To prevent further cuts to funding to support public safety in Union City, the City Council has placed Measure U, a Public Safety Parcel Tax Measure, on the upcoming March 3, 2020 ballot. This funding would generate approximately $5 million for police, fire, paramedic and youth violence prevention programs. If approved by at least two-thirds of Union City voters in the primary election, Measure U would continue to provide funds to be used for your top priorities, including:

  • Preserving 911 emergency response and disaster preparedness
  • Maintaining youth violence prevention, gang intervention and crisis response for greater school and community safety
  • Maintaining neighborhood police patrols
  • Preventing additional fire station closures and reductions in on duty firefighters and paramedics

Expiration of these funds would result in further reductions to the number of on-duty firefighters, paramedics and slower emergency response times.

We asked the community about their public safety priorities and here are the results of those who indicated these services as high priority:Survey



Alignment with the City’s Strategic Plan

  • Goal A: Foster fiscal health through disciplined long-term planning, cost control, heightened efficiency, increased revenue and cost recovery.
    • Strategy: Determine the level of reauthorization of the public safety parcel tax and develop an informational plan. 
  • Goal C: Institute forward-thinking business, land use development, housing, social services, and public safety strategies that promote community growth and innovation.
    • Strategy: Align public safety services with community needs based on a data driven decision-making approach (i.e., emergency medical services, restoration of terminated police programs, etc.).

For More Information

Contact Lauren Sugayan, Communications Manager, at 510-675-5327 or email: LaurenS@unioncity.org