2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update

We want Union City to be a place where walking and biking are safe, convenient, and fun for people of all ages and abilities.

Over the course of 2020, Union City will be developing a new Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan that recommends an updated bicycle network and pedestrian improvements. Your voice is essential to help us develop a plan that reflects the needs and desires of the Union City community.

We can’t do this without you!


Union City is a diverse and unique city and needs a plan that reflects the community’s numerous perspectives. We want to hear from you, your friends, families, children, and neighbors, along with the community’s business owners and employees. We welcome input from everyone, including those who rarely walk or bike. Scroll below for ways you can be involved.

Online Map - Now Closed

Union City created an interactive map which was paired with a quick survey where users could share comments about where they liked to walk and bicycle in Union City and areas that needed improvement. The map gave users the option to sign up for more information about how to get involved and stay informed going forward. 

The online, interactive map is now closed. Union City would like to thank those that participated and left comments. You can view all of the comments and suggestions by following the below link.

As a next step, we will review your comments and begin developing the proposed bicycle network and the pedestrian infrastructure recommendations based on your input. We will be in touch soon!

Union City Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Online Map

Contact Us

Send an email to the City’s Project Manager Aaron Welch at AaronW@unioncity.org  to be placed on our mailing list and receive project updates.

Project Schedule

Creating the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan will take about a year and will be done in three planning phases.


Phase 1: Information Gathering (January - June 2020)

Phase 1 is when we need you the most! We want to know where you like to walk and bike, what barriers to biking or walking exist in Union City, and what improvements should be made.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan can specify the following types of improvements:

  • Physical infrastructure: such as a plan for where a new bicycle lane or striped crosswalk should be located
  • Programs: such as a recommendation to partner with organizations that provide educational program that teaches bicycle maintenance skills
  • Policies: such as a new City ordinance about the dimensions of bicycle lanes

As part of Phase 1, our consulting team gathered data about Bart Walkwayexisting bicycle and pedestrian conditions in Union City, including assessing the safety and comfort of Union City’s walking and biking infrastructure.

The team also worked to identify existing connections between parks, trails, and sidewalk, as well as gaps in the walking and bicycling network. Phase 1 included an evaluation of existing City programs and policies.

You can find the draft results of Phase 1 here: 

Draft Existing Conditions Report

Phase 2: Drafting the Recommendations (July - October 2020)

During Phase 2, we will bring together your input and the data-driven analysis from Phase 1. We’ll use this to develop draft recommendations for new walking and bicycling projects, programs, and policies. During this phase, we will want to hear from you about what you think of the proposed recommendations, and how you think the projects, programs, and policies should be prioritized.

Phase 3: Finalizing the Plan (Late 2020-Early 2021)

Phase 3 will see us drafting the Plan. The Draft Plan will be a compilation of all the work and recommendations developed over the year. We anticipate that the Plan will be ready for your review in late 2020 or early 2021. Once finalized, the Plan will go to City Council for adoption soon after.

Building on what came beforeBart Terminal

The 2020 Plan is an update to the existing 2012 Union City Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. Since the adoption of the 2012 Plan, the City has been busy! Union City has installed almost seven miles of shared-use paths and 27 miles of bicycle lanes and has plans for new bikeways to come.

Sidewalks are present along most roadways in the city, except for some gaps present mainly in the City’s industrial areas. Improving pedestrian crossings and closing gaps in the pedestrian network is a priority goal in the City’s recently updated 2040 General Plan.