Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Coronavirus Updates

For general inquiries, please email or call (510) 268-2101.

  • Alameda County Information and Resources for the COVID-19 Vaccines
  • California State website for vaccine information
  • Fact sheet about the COVID-19 vaccine:EnglishSpanish (Español)Chinese (中文)
  • CDC Guidance: What Activities Are Safe When You're Fully Vaccinated?

  • The pandemic has disproportionately impacted communities of color and has, also, accentuated a longstanding, systemic mistrust of healthcare and government among these same groups. While this remains a national problem, the City of Union City is taking an approach to address the issue collaboratively with community members. The City has launched a series of videos to help raise awareness about the vaccine and to build confidence in the vaccine, especially among Black and Latino communities. In the inaugural video series, Union City residents Amirh Johnson, a medical physicist, and Derrick Richardson, a biotechnology professional, share with the community why they plan to take the vaccine, why it is important that others do so, and why they trust and feel safe taking the vaccine. The video series also includes videos in Spanish, filmed with the executive director of Centro de Servicios, Jaime Jaramillo, and program manager of Youth and Family Services, Pedro Naranjo.

    Watch the video series here:

As the State lifts COVID-19 restrictions, schools resume, and people return to work, there is a lot of stress in the transition period. We've partnered with the Cities of Fremont and Newark to produce a series of short videos that provide insight on how to navigate this extraordinary time. Visit our YouTube channel to hear expert advice on:
  • Pet Health
  • Youth/Adolescent Health
  • Senior Health
  • Caretaker Health

    The Union City Police Department will inform and educate members of the public and businesses that are in violation of the Alameda County Public Health Orders. It is the goal of the UCPD to achieve voluntary compliance with the order.  If you have a concern about a business that is not compliant with the order, please email Alameda County at  

    The Alameda County Public Health Department has published a dashboard which shows both county and city data for vaccination rates and COVID-19 cases.

    We are seeking donations from residents and businesses to help support our growing emergency operation, which includes keeping our first responders safe and planning for how the City can provide community support in the areas of supplies and volunteers.  

    At this current time, here are the items we are seeking donation in: 

    • Gloves
    • N95 masks
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Disposable face shield
    • Disposable gowns
    • Lysol disinfecting wipes
    • Disinfecting sprays
    • Disposable boot covers
    • Bottled water
    • List of Testing Sites in Alameda County
    • How to Protect Yourself & Get Care from Kaiser
    • List of COVID-19 testing sites in Alameda County
    • Interactive list of testing sites

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