• Visit the SVOG website for additional information on the types of entities eligible, how to calculate how much you may be eligible for under this grant program and the proposed plan for phased implementation.  
  • Hello Alice’s COVID19 Business Resource Center is a platform which is connecting businesses to industry-specific funding opportunities during the pandemic and recovery from shelter-in-place. They also offer $10,000 emergency grants to small businesses. Industries served include food & beverage; beauty & wellness; retail; wholesale & manufacturing; professional services; arts & entertainment; and restaurant & food services.

  • Visit East Bay EDA's Local Resources for grants that may be available in your city & Industry Specific Resources for grants that may be available for your sector.
  • Yelp, GoFundMe and Intuit QuickBooks have partnered together to help raise COVID-19 relief money through the Small Business Relief Fund, which will be used to issue $500 matching grants to businesses that raise at least $500 on a GoFundMe campaign connected to the pandemic.

  • Kiva - Visit Kiva to learn more about their 0% interest loans.
  • Forbes’ List of Banks Offering Relief to Customers
  • Independent Sector: Latest information on federal CARES ACT eligibility criteria, timelines, and application information for nonprofits.
  • Alameda County 211