Temporary Outdoor Dining

The City Council of Union City adopted an urgency ordinance which authorized the waiver of certain Zoning Ordinance requirements to facilitate business operations affected by COVID-19 and the related public health orders. The purpose of this application is to request outdoor dining uses that are temporary in nature and do not increase the general intensity of use to facilitate business operations.

Apply for a Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit

Permit Types:

A Private Sidewalk is any sidewalk or pedestrian path which is fully located on private property and is maintained by the Tenant or property owner.

A Private Parking Lot is any parking lot located on private property and is maintained by the Tenant or property owner

Both is if the applicant is planning on having outdoor dining on a private sidewalk and in a private parking lot.

NOTE: IF you wish to locate temporary outdoor dining on a Public sidewalk please contact the Public Works Department 

Restaurants with existing approved outdoor patio areas do not need to apply for a Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit . To check if you have an approved outdoor patio please contact the Planning Department

Instructions to Apply

Before Applying for temporary outdoor dining permit please have the property owner complete the Owner Authorization Form. This form must be included in your application


Private Parking Lot Applications 

If you are planning on apply for the Private Parking Lot permit or Both a site plan and photos of the existing area need to be included in your application.

Site Plans shall:  

  • Label all relevant dimensions in feet. No scale is required
  • Show existing site features within 20 feet of the proposed temporary outdoor dining area, including adjacent buildings; building entrance(s); streets and sidewalks; parking spaces; driveways; fire hydrants and marked curbs; utility boxes; and storm drains.
  • Show the proposed location and dimensions (in feet) of the temporary outdoor dining area.
  • Show the type of perimeter barrier proposed and the location of any proposed soft hit posts, wheel stops, or reflective elements. Please attach catalog/brochure sheets for barrier materials, if possible.
  • Show the proposed location of furniture within the Temporary Outdoor seating Areas, including but not limited to tables, chairs, umbrellas, Canopy tents.
  • Shall be submitted in a PDF Format

Photos Shall:

  • Show the Site where the Proposed Temporary Outdoor Dining area will be located.

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