Plan Check & Repairs

The California Health and Safety Code Chapter 6.7 and the California Code of Regulations Title 23 (CCR) require that a UST owner or operator must obtain a permit to install, upgrade or repair a UST. Most installations, upgrades and repairs require a permit. 

The following list provides examples of some common upgrade or repair actions that require a permit:

  • Tank sump, and under dispenser containment (UDC) install, upgrade or repair
  • Any piping upgrade or repair (including relocation of existing pipes or installation of additional piping)
  • Monitoring system panel upgrade, replacement or repair involving reprogramming (e.g. software upgrade that includes re-wiring or re-programming i.e. cold start)
  • Like-for-like replacement (same make and model) of sensors, drop tube, fuel turbines, line leak detectors, flex connectors (if inside a sump or UDC) IF NOT completed during the course of an already scheduled inspection i.e. monitoring certification.  Otherwise, a permit application and payment of fees is required to document the equipment, repair and retest.

The following is the procedure for UST retrofit/installation:

  • Complete and submit an Environmental Programs (CUPA) UST Retrofit/Repair (general permit) application.  Provide supporting documentation including plan set, manufacturer specifications/cut sheets, ICC and manufacturer certifications and permit fee to Environmental Programs (CUPA)  
  • An approved permit will be issued upon approval of the proposed upgrade or repair
  • Follow all permit conditions, including but not limited to, inspection, testing, and plan/report submittal requirements
  • UST owners, operators, or construction contractors who fail to comply with UST review and permitting requirements may be subject to enforcement action

Additional Questions?

If you need more information or have questions concerning UST requirements or other information, please contact:

Environmental Programs Department (CUPA)
34009 Alvarado-Niles BLVD.
Union City, CA 94587

(510) 675-5367

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