Cold Starts

"Cold start" of UST monitoring system may be required for various reasons: replacement of circuit boards, software upgrade, point of sale upgrade, sump retrofit, etc. Cold starts frequently result in the loss of alarm history data and system setup programming. If an issue has occurred that affects the UST system programming, contact the Environmental Programs (CUPA) within 48 hours and follow the outlined procedure.

The following is required for Cold Starts: 

  • Complete and submit an Environmental Programs (CUPA) UST Retrofit/Repair (general permit) application. Specify the reason for the cold start. Pay fee, if applicable, click here for the form
  • Installation of parts, programming, or testing of UST monitoring equipment shall be performed by, or under the direct supervision of, a properly trained and certified UST Service Technician as required (23 CCR Section 2715);
  • Schedule inspection and complete testing of all sensors, probes, and relays associated with the reprogrammed monitoring system to verify that they are performing all required monitoring functions. Proper functioning of automatic tank gauging probes must be verified in the case of single-wall tanks, or where such systems serve as the primary method of overfill prevention (i.e., by triggering audible and visual alarms).

NOTE:   In special circumstances such as weekends or holidays and after hours emergency repairs may be made, but Environmental Programs (CUPA) must be notified of the occurrence the first day of the following work week or day at ustnotifications@unioncity.orgApplication, fees and inspection requirements would still apply.  

Additional Questions?

If you need more information or have questions concerning UST requirements or other information, please contact:

Environmental Programs Department (CUPA)
34009 Alvarado-Niles BLVD.
Union City, CA 94587

(510) 675-5367

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