Animal Services

What We Do

Union City Police Department (UCPD) does not have a full-time Animal Services Unit.  Several part-time and full-time UCPD staff have been trained to respond to animal service calls, and we respond to about 1,500 animal related calls each year.

Animal service calls include but are not limited to injured animals in roadways, requests to pick up animals, removal of dead animals, and taking reports of animal bites. We also patrol for stray animals, leash law violations, and investigate the inhumane treatment of animals.

It should be noted the police department does not respond to calls related to bees, rodents, and stray/ feral cats. Feral cats are usually controlled though Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) programs offered by local organizations, such as the Ohlone Humane Society.  UCPD does not trap feral cats. 

None of these service providers accept dead animals. For dead animal calls, please continue to call the police department at the non- emergency number (510-471-1365). This can also be done online by accessing the form via the attached link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to license my dog and, if so, when? 

You must license your dog when the dog is four months or older. This license must be renewed annually. Get your dog license.

What do I do about a neighbor's noisy pet and what will be done? 

We do respond to animal noise complaints. We begin with providing an educational brochure to the animal's owner and ask that they comply with state and city laws. If the noise continues, we may have to refer the matter to the Alameda County District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

What happens if I'm bitten by an animal? 

We investigate and document animal bites following the guidelines of the State Health & Welfare Agency Department of Health Services for treatment, investigation and control of animal bites. We generally do not take reports on rodent bites. For rodent bites, please contact Alameda County Vector Control at 510.567.6800.

Will Animal Services pick up cats that I find on my property? 

Cats are not subject to the city's leash laws, and we do not pick up stray cats. If you experience property damage due to cats, you may rent humane live traps from several rental services listed in the telephone directory. Cats can be baited and trapped legally, then transported to the Tri-City Animal Shelter located behind the Fremont Police Department at (1950 Stevenson Boulevard) in Fremont.

If my pet becomes ill, will Animal Services pick it up? 

Pet owners should take sick or injured pets to a veterinarian for treatment or euthanasia.

Will Animal Services Unit pick up dead animals, and from where? 

We pick up all dead animals as soon as possible. This includes animals found in public areas and on city streets. We will also pick up dead animals from residences. However, residents who want us to pick up their (owned) deceased pets will be charged a fee from the Tri- City Animal Shelter. The fees range from $116 to $129. The billing process will be handled through the shelter.

Where is the Animal Shelter for Union City? 

The shelter is located at the Tri-City Animal Shelter, 1950 Stevenson Boulevard, Fremont. Their telephone number is 510.790.6640.

Does the Animal Services Unit pick up loose dogs, and will they pick up owner-released animals? 

We pick up all dogs found in violation of the city’s leash laws (see Municipal Code). Dog owners who no longer want their pet should place the animal with a new owner. Breed rescue clubs and humane societies should be your first step. As a last resort, we will pick up owned pets for a fee.

Will the Animal Services Unit respond to bee, wasp, or hornet (yellow jacket) complaints? 

We do not respond to complaints about insects such as bees, wasps, or hornets. Alameda County Vector Control, who responds to these problems, may be able to resolve the situation. Otherwise, pest control companies can handle such matters.

Are exotic pets allowed in Union City? 

Exotic animals are fully defined in 8.20.010 of the Union City Municipal Code. No person may own or keep any exotic animal, e.g. venomous snakes, alligators, hawks, tigers, etc., without a permit issued by the City of Union City.

Who can I call about nuisance wildlife? 

Alameda County Vector Control investigates all forms of nuisance wildlife. We reserve trapping of nuisance wildlife for clear “health and safety” threats, or significant depredation of property. Please note that California State law requires all trapped animals to be euthanized. The Animal Services Unit will investigate reports of snakes and remove them when necessary.

What does Animal Services do about loose livestock? 

We capture livestock and return them to their pasture when possible. If a responsible party can be located, we inform them of the problem and suggest steps to prevent it from happening again.

What happens to injured animals? 

We pick up all injured animals and take them directly to a local veterinarian for treatment. Injured wildlife is taken to the Ohlone Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Newark.

Animal Control Services for Union City Residents

  • Ohlone Humane Society (510-797-9449)                            Free service  - Provides services for injured or orphaned wildlife (birds, squirrels, foxes, reptiles, orphaned bobcats) No domestic animals (cats, dogs, domestic ducks, or geese)
  • Vector Control (510-567-6800)                                             Free service -   Provides services for – insects (cockroaches, fleas, mites), rodents (Mice, rats) , and wildlife (bats, raccoons, skunks, opossums, bobcats)

    No domestic animals (cats, dogs, domestic ducks, or geese)

None of these service providers accept dead animals. For dead animal calls, please continue to call the police department at the non- emergency number (510-471-1365).