Hillside Specific Plan 

The Union City Hillside Area was the subject of the voter-approved Measure B in 1989, which required the preparation of a Hillside Area Plan and established the 16 planning goals listed below. The Hillside Area Plan (HAP), adopted on July 25, 1995, provides detailed policy guidance for the Union City Hillside Area. The Hillside Area was also the subject of Measure II in 1996, which required a vote of the people of Union City to change the development policies of the Hillside Area. Measure II also required that a Specific Plan be prepared prior to any development taking place in portions of the Union City Hillside Area that were designated for agricultural use at the time the Measure was adopted.

The City has received an application for development of residential uses in the portion of the Hillside Area with a zoning designation of “Agriculture”, which triggers the requirement for preparation of a Specific Plan per Policy 51 of the HAP and Measure II.  The application also includes development of additional residential uses in the area above the Seven Hills neighborhood.  The City provided an informational update to the City Council on November 10, 2020 regarding the application and the process moving forward. Click here to access the City Council staff report. The City is currently in the process of bringing on a consultant to assist with preparation of the Specific Plan.  

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Hillside Area Plan 

City Council Staff Report – Informational Update on Application for Hillside Development

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