City Archives - How to

How to access Union City document archive

  1. Select archive
    1. City Clerk Document Archive - Council/SARDA
    2. City Clerk Document Archive - Agreements/Contracts/MOUs
  2. Add your search criteria
    1. Document Type – Select the document type you are looking for
    2. Year – Type in four digit year of the document or select from dropdown arrow on right side of box
    3. Search Text – Search any text in the documents, for exact word searches enter text within double quotes
    4. Date – Search date range document was stored
  3. Run Search
    1. Click on yellow "Search" button on top right of screen
  4. Review Results
    1. Search results are sorted by ascending Document Type, Year and Document Name
  5. View Documents
    1. Double click the document you would like to view and it will open in a new window
    2. Scroll document results by clicking on document selection docuware scroll
    3. Scroll document pages by clicking on page selection  Docuware scroll-2
    4. Download document by clicking on download button under tools  Download-file
    5. Print document by clicking print button under tools  docuware-print