Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Research & Outreach

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

In April 2021, amid a challenging year in economic and social disruption, the Human Relations Commission established a subcommittee to study areas of diversity, equity and inclusion for the city. Follow along through this site to learn more about the subcommittee and their efforts. 

Mission of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The mission of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Subcommittee is to facilitate community-driven research with the purpose of understanding barriers that exist in Union City and how to overcome them. The culmination of this research will provide tangible ways to build diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging among the city organization and the community. Through this work, the subcommittee will uphold and champion diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as core community values. 

Desired Outcomes

  1. Understand the state of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging as they apply to a 'systems' level in Union City. 
  2. Develop and promote strategies and best practices around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging. 
  3. Uphold and champion the subcommittee's work throughout the City organization and community. 

Community Engagement Process

Resident Satisfaction Survey: The City partnered with a research company to conduct its first resident satisfaction survey, which took place between June 28 and July 7, 2021. The purpose of the survey is to assess residents' satisfaction levels with city services, their quality of life, and other areas of importance to residents. The DEI subcommittee reviewed the results of the survey to understand if there are discrepancies in how different age groups, genders, and ethnic groups feel about the City. Click here to view the results of the survey.

The DEI subcommittee will begin its community outreach process in the coming weeks. Check back here for updates.

Share Your Thoughts

The committee is interested to hear from YOU - the community - about how to make Union City a more equitable place for everyone who lives here. Do you have concerns about how the City is currently addressing racial disparities and the mistreatment of marginalized groups? Do you have ideas about how we can improve our sense of belonging for all within the community? Share your feelings with us.

Your feedback will help the Committee to develop recommendations for the City Council regarding measurable next steps to building a more equitable and inclusive community. 

 Share your thoughts in this short form.


JonathanDr. Jonathan Pettey has professional experience in organizational development, diversity and equity, and public safety. He has a doctorate degree in Organization and Leadership and a master’s degree in Public Health; he maintains an active research agenda with current projects investigating leadership, student engagement, and workplace discrimination. Dr. Pettey, his wife and son, have made Union City home for the past decade.

Ann RutAnn Yaph Yap is a Filipino-American native of the City of Union City. Ann is a product of New Haven Unified School District and works for the district. She is a mom to two girls and two dogs and actively involved at St Anne Church and with the community as a Rotarian. She enjoys gardening, volunteering, crafting, and road trips. She founded Rodney’s Hope, Inc in honor of her developmentally disabled brother and provides benevolent services to the homeless/families in need.

thumbnail_ShahiKashmir Singh Shahi has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and owns a small business in Union City. He is currently the Chair of the Human Relation Commission of the City of Union City. He has been on the boards of several non-profits and is an active member of the community, taking part in many humanitarian projects. Kashmir Singh Shahi has lived in Union City since 1997 with his wife, daughter, and son.